order processing and price

Create your own cryptocurrency Blockchain coin full project - order processing price only 0.25 BTC - Delivery 3-5 weeks

what we need from you...

  • Coin name long/short and its configuration. We can help and guide what is best suitable for your type of project.
  • Minimum 2 dedicated servers. We can help /guide for dedicated servers and will setup all for you if required.
  • Your approval between each steps before continuing to the next step. We allow 2 revision on our design.


Create and coding the software itself are first step and only takes a week.

Once completed we install the first node on your server and start up the blockchain network.

Files and documentation will be published on your GitHub account.


We install mining software on your server so you can setup mining from any device and start creating blocks and confirm transactions.

We will provide you with software and guidance to start mining from any Windows/Mac, Linux  or ASIC device.

Time for above just a few days.


We create ready to use installation files for public use to run a full (node) wallet on all type of devices.

Windows 32bit/64bit Mac OS computer and Linus.

Code and documentation will be uploaded and updated to your GitHub account.

Time, a week.


We install and configure Blockchain Explorer javascript software on your server and connect it to your server wallet to show the live data of your Blockchain.

Time for above just a few days.


We create html design for your ICO sale/coin site and integrate design into our php7 management script.

All will be configured as you need it and setup to receive/send via payments API connection for coin sale.

The work start in first week and are ongoing process over 4 weeks.


A final round up adjustment and testing to ensure everything meets your expectations before a final handing over the full project to you.

You are from then on on your own. However we will help support and guide you for the next 6 month.

project ordering cost

0.25 BTC
Full and complete customized project as description incl. a following 6 month support and help. Payment options as BTC, direct bank-wire & multiply coin types equal to the BTC price