Full and complete coin solution custom-build to your needs

blockchain experts

Our projects are full solutions including everything to run a new coin cryptocurrency business.

projects software include:

  • Coin creation and setup
  • Wallet for Win,Mac, Linux
  • Blockchain explorer install/setup
  • Mining pool install/setup
  • Coin sale script design/setup/install

algorithm types:

  • SHA-256
  • X11
  • X13



coin creation and setup

New Blockchain creation by your choice of configuration/algorithm and startup the first Blockchain node.

All code are open-source and incl. upload files and documentation to your GitHub account.

blockchain coding


wallet software

Creating wallet software installation files for public download for Windows 32/64bit, Linux, Mac-OS.

We setup 1 node on your own server hosting and install a full function API payment program.

wallet creation


blockchain explorer

Blockchain explorer Java software program installed and configured to your new Blockchain on your server hosting.

blockchain explorer


mining pool

Mining pool software program installed and configured to your new Blockchain on your server hosting.

The platform is for your own mining to get the blockchain running and not a public platform.

mining pool


coin sale site

Coin sale-site and management program php7 including design, setup and configuration on your server hosting.

We include automated payment API process in/out (any type of coin) and incl. automated payment to your own coin using a back end wallet API connected your node.

ico sale site


free support

6 month support and help for your new project are part of our service to get you the best start possible.



Creating a new cryptocurrency coin is not a complicated process and many developers can do this part.

It's the full project size that is the time killer with so many parts involved and needed before even trying getting your coin out there for the public.

For those of you who doesn't have the skills or the time to code/design/install/configure such a huge project, you will find our price is absolutely favorable and worth many times its price.